25th anniversary

Celebrating 25 years of J & C O'Meara Ltd!

Join us in celebrating our 25 years in business with some very special anniversary offers!


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latest used machines in stock

Quickwood PRO 800 Sander (other)

This machine is not available until May 2015. This machine is used for the sanding/de nibbing of typically routed kitchen doors where the brushes can sand into the shaped ...

Butfering SKO 213CC Sander (wide belt)

This machine is not available until May 2015 but briefly consists of; 1st 'combi' sanding head incorporating a steel contact roller and segmental sanding pad for veneers. 2nd 'combi' sanding ...

Houfek SPB 1100C Sander (wide belt)

Single belt, 1100mm wide sanding machine having a 'combi' head suitable for the sanding and calibrating of solid wood.

Robinson ZHE Mortiser

Heavy duty mortising machine. The machine is complete with a number of chisels and is ready to work.

Holz Her 1402 MFE PVC Edge Bander

Hot melt edge banding machine suitable for the application of PVC/ABS. The machine is equipped with the reknowned cartridge glue system, top and bottom flush trim,scrapers, corner rounding ...

Hirzt B250 Edge Bander

Supplied brand new by ourselves back in 2001, this is a track driven edge banding machine for pre glued tape

Unknown unknown Borer

This is quite a unique machine which was purposely made for the production of shaker doors. The machine is essentially a horizontal boring machine with pneumatic clamps, jigged with a ...

Pouwels DEF 50 Router

Almost new example of this adaptable routing machine which is fitted with the vacuum pump and clamps along with the front vacuum clamp to enable a door to be held ...

Brandt KD56 Edge Bander

Compact Hot melt edge banding machine complete with end trim by saw blades, top and bottom flush trim, scrapers and buffers. The machine is suitable for the application of coil ...

Minimax ME15 Edge Bander

Automatic edge banding machine for pre glued tape.

Centauro T5 Lathe

Centre Distance 1600mm Hydraulic saddle 0-6m/min Max copying diameter 250mm 2 x Hydraulic copying units, one roughing and one finishing 2 x back knives Spindle speeds 900-1500-1800-2250-3000 & 4,500 ...
£7,995 exc. VAT

Wadkin PBR MD Resaw

Compact band resaw for the smaller workshop and not requiring a pit.10 HP motor, 3 roller feed.
£3,500 exc. VAT


Established in 1990 by Senior Director Mr Joseph O'Meara and son Carl, J & C O'Meara originally started out offering service, maintenance and installation of woodworking machinery. Now, celebrating our 24th year in business, the company has evolved to be a national supplier of both new and quality used woodworking machinery.


12 Mar 2015

New Genisis E60 Super heavy duty briquetting machine now in stock...!

Check out this.....heavy duty briquetting machine suitable for wood waste,MDF dust,Ppaer,Caedboard,Leather dust etc etc etc...capable of converting upto 100kg/hour.....and on special offer..!


03 Mar 2015

25 Years....a time to celebrate...!

Established a quarter of a century ago, we would like to share our experience our thoughts and our products with you at this milestone in our company history....


28 Oct 2014

Kundig at W14....

As a wise man once said 'You will never regret paying more for quality'....


24 Oct 2014

W14....the verdict...!

After the much anticipated build up to the show, the months of hard work in the planning and organising all aspects from advertising to having the right machines to display to tansport etc etc, W14 came and went in a bit of a flash...!


24 Sep 2014

Are you ready for W14...?? We are....!

The Uk's largest exhibition of industrial woodworking machinery is almost upon us, if you are visiting why not pop by stand 7G780, say hello and have a coffee..??


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