About Us

The Company is run with a 'direct approach' with all existing and potential customers being catered for on an individual basis.

The Company's goal

Has always been to offer quality new and used machinery, complimented with a 'no nonsense' warranty, ensuring customer's total peace of mind.

We are also one of the very few independent machinery supply outlets who have actually 'chosen' the products with which we wish to be associated, therefore we are not bound to offer the 'rough with the smooth'.

What we do offer is a premium range of quality new machinery incorporating such marques as Kundig, specialist manufacturer of wide belt and edge sanding machinery, heavy duty classical machinery for solid wood manufactured to exacting standards by Hofmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH,the Masterwood range of edge banders and CNC machining centres and the exclusive Genisis range of machinery.

Over the years

Established in 1990 as a service orientated company, but soon evolved into  purchasing surplus machinery and machinery from auctions and liquidations taking on our first rented unit of 3,600 sq ft in 1992 and being based in Southport, Merseyside.. Over the next 6 years we continued with the purchase, refurbishment and resale of used machinery and in 1998 with the intorduction of the P.U.W.E.R 98 regulations, we started to supply new machinery.

By the year 2000, the company had outgrown it's first premises and needed more space due to the expansion of the new machinery sales and the new machinery agencies which had been agreed. This led to our second move into a 4,600 sq ft unit in Banks, Lancashire just on the outskirts of Southport.

By the year 2003, the company once again needed more space and better facilities as around 75% of the companies' activities had switched to the supply of new machinery which was compliant to both C.E. and P.U.W.E.R 98 safety standards.

It was 2003 we purchased a modern Industrial premises centrally located with easy access to Manchester, Liverpool and Preston and now offers a 6,000 sq ft showroom with possibly one of the largest displays of sliding table panelsaws in the UK with upto 10 machines being built up and on display at any time. Over the years, the Company has built up a quality customer base and enjoys the benefit of repeat business from loyal customers both far and wide.

Latest developements

In recent years the whole machine manufacturing industry has shifted and changed dramatically with the integration of smaller companies with the larger conglomerates and even some of the biggest names in the industry now having machines built in China or by third parties and then badged as their own.Machines that are claimed to be built in certain countries are more often than not just assembled in those countries thus misleading us to believe we are getting the thoroughbred from days gone by.

Consequently in 2006 a decision was made by ourselves to have our own home brand of machinery which would consist of a product range 'cherry picked' from individual manufacturers which could offer a level of quality, reliability and value second to none.

Enter the Genisis range of machinery which was born out of our many years of experience in the supply and maintenance of woodworking machinery and was a major step of the evolution and independence of our company with the ever changing market and the increasing demand for quality yet competatively priced products.

Naturally the starting point for this new range was to be one of our biggest selling items, the sliding table panel saw. The chosen machine was never going to be the cheapest as it simply had to compete with the best in terms of build quality, strength, reliability, accuracy and specification all at a realistic price.

Having attended International trade exhibitions for many years, we were already familiar with one established manufacturer whose product fitted our requirements exactly.Having purchased a sample unit to ensure it complied to our demands, in 2007 the Genisis 'X' type sliding table panel saw was launched along with our dedicated panel saw website www.ukpanelsaws.co.uk. Initially, there were just 3 models to chose from, the Genisis XM with all manual adjustments to the Genisis X3 with all motorised adjustments to the blades and also to the 1,500mm rip fence.

Due to the diverse requirements from the panel saw, 3 more models have since been introduced including the XC compact machine with 1,900mm sliding table,the X3 Plus which is the same as the X3 but with a multi function touch screen control and taking a 450mm diameter blade and the latest panel saw to be introduced was the entry level P32 which although classed as entry level machine is an industrial quality machine using the same sliding table and cross cut fence as the X series and in reality the only thing entry level about the machine is the price..!!

Since the launch of these panel saws, there have been installations throughout the UK to furniture makers, kitchen and bedroom furniture manufacturers, plastics companies, exhibition and sign making companies and the majority who have managed to take the time to see these machines have seen for themselves that the only alternative is over twice the price..!! see the 'Testimonials' page on the www.ukpanelsaws.co.uk website.

Latest machines introduced to the Genisis range are a series of planing and thicknessing machines along with a series of briquetters and wood burners...plus much more in the pipeline..!!

Thank you for visiting our website and if we may be of service we will always endeavour to do our utmost to assist in your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

Carl O'Meara


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