Extreme 2132



The super high quality AES Extreme CNC machines are a full blown heavy duty CNC nesting machine designed for optimum precision, productivity and reliability.

All machines complete with;

  • Osai CNC with 17" colour TFT screen
  • Centralised lubrication
  • All axis controlled by state of the art servo motors
  • Automatic tool offset
  • Easy referencing using reference pistons
  • Alphacam operating software

Alphacam CAD/CAM

Alphacam is a full-featured, easy to use CAD/CAM solution for manufacturers desired fast, efficient toolpaths and the generation of reliable, machine ready CNC code. Program provides you with the complete machining capabilities to manufacture anything from simple 2 Axis parts though to complex 5 Axis components.

•  Nesting Solution

•  3D Engraving and Routing Applications

•  Aggregate and Boring Unit Support

•  Extensive Usage Area With Additional Modules

X Axis Speed 70 m/min
Y Axis Speed 70 m/min
Z Axis Speed 20 m/min
Z Axis Travel 200mm
Router Motor 9 Kw (12 Hp)
Router motor speed 24,000 RPM (max)
CAD/CAM Program Alphacam Essential 2D
Installed Power  25Kw (34 Hp)


Models Available



• Working Dimensions 2100 x 3200 mm / Z Axis Stroke 200 mm

• 9 kW HSK F 63 Spindle Unit

• Linear Tool Changer Unit (14 Tool Capacity)

• Alphacam Essential 2D Program

• 250m³ Vacuum Pumps / Vacuum Area (Single)

• Installation Dimensions 4500x5500 mm / Installed Power 25 kW

• Weight (Approx.) 4500 kg


Options Include

  • Increased Vacuum 
  • Upto 21 vacuum areas
  • Rotary tool changer
  • Increased HP to router head
  • Auto lift tables for infeed
  • Auto loading by vacuum suction cups
  • Auto unloading and cleaning device
  • Auto conveyor for offloading
  • Auto labelling system with alignment
  • Aggregate heads
  • C Axis head
  • Vacuum blocks

Gantry showing optional unloading and bed cleaning device

Aluminium bed with Reference bars

Optional Drill Head with Sawblade