Warning...Identity Theft....

There is an individual calling themselves 'James Field' who is professing to work for our company. 

He has generated a series of purchase orders using a 'Word Template' and inserting our company details by copy and pasting our details from our website. This was then sent to our suppliers using the fake e-mail of james.jcomeara@outlook.com 

He has also rang our suppliers claiming to work for us and organising the purchase of a number of pieces of machinery and if they are in stock arranging to collect them directly.

Luckily, we have managed to avert these thefts with 2 of our suppliers and ask you all to be vigilant to this type of Identity Theft and possible actual theft. Any orders raised should be discussed with me personally before being accepted and certainly before the release of any goods.

A message to the actual fraudster who will undoubtedly see this....all information we have including registration numbers, your name 'James Field', your mobile number plus other information which we cannot divulge has been passed to the Police Action Fraud who are now dealing with the matter and will be contacting you shortly...!!

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