Sedgwick, Sedgwick...and another Sedgwick....

Did you know that Sedgwick Woodworking Machinery based in Leeds are possibly the only long standing producer of industrial woodworking machinery that still have a dedicated manufacturing facility in this country..? And did you know they are still a company that where possible they locally source the components that are used in the construction of their products...? So if you are looking for quality joinery style machines for your workshop and are serious about your business, then a machine from Sedgwick will always be a good and reliable asset to your business for the long term.

Too many times do we hear of companies who have bought a 'cheaper copy' only to find the castings are not up to the job or the electrics fail and are then told parts are either no longer available or it will take so many weeks for them to arrive.

Buying Sedgwick is buying confidence from a manufacturer whose machines can be 20 + years old and still be giving good service.


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