Q & A

Why buy from J & C O'Meara Ltd? 

We are a long established family orientated company that work on a more personal basis than just a commercial basis. We are people who deal with people and not just salesmen trying to make a sale. We discuss machine requirements and only offer the right machine for the required task and consequently we enjoy a vast amount of recommendations and loyal customers returning to us for their next machinery requirements.

How long have you been in business?

The company was established in 1990 and was formed as a partnership between senior director Mr Joseph O'Meara who had been a service and installation engineer since the 1970's and his son Carl who had joined him being trained as a service engineer upon leaving college in 1986.

Do you still offer service work?

Yes we do, but in reality we concentrate on our customer requirement, namely those that decide to purchase from us, also buy into a system of aftersales care and as valued customers, will always get priority. 

Do you work nationwide?

Yes, we do. We have sold machinery throughout the UK,Ireland and the Channel Islands. We also have a growing network of sales outlets who offer local access to our products and trust us as suppliers of quality equipment.

How can you offer service when you are so far away?

We have a national network of sales and service personel and believe in a quick response and a cost effective solution to installation and servicing during the course of a machines life. We have installation/service technicians in Lancashire, Merseyside, West Yorkshire,Durham, Buckinghamshire, Essex,Hampshire,Avon and Scotland.

What are the Genisis machines about?

Quite simply, during the course of the last 10 years or so, the whole woodworking machinery industry has changed where many of the so called 'established names' or branded products'  are in fact no longer manufacturing all their own products but are buying in from various sources including China and simply hanging their own name on the machine and not always telling the customer. This we feel to be somewhat deceiving and unethical. The Genisis concept was formed in 2006 when we were looking to move away from our existing machinery suppliers.

But why Genisis?

For us, it was almost like a new start, a new beginning, starting from scratch and evolving to compete and compliment what was taking place in the industry. It was also a statement as to how we are an independent company, the way we can pick and chose which machines we supply rather than be dictated to by the larger organisations.

 We started by looking for a quality sliding table panelsaw that would compete with the best in terms of build quality and specification. We knew this would never be the cheapest machine on the market but it needed to be competitive and offer a combined 'package' of quality of build, durability, specification and reliability....we now have almost 100 panel saws installed throughout the UK with the majority of customers who have taken the time to see one and compare against the competition, now actually own one.

So where are they made?

The Genisis products are actually a collection of machines 'cherry picked' from some of the world's most recognised manufacturers and also from some independent manufacturers which we believe offer unprecedented quality,specification and value for money. Some of the machines are European and some are from Taiwan, we are totally open about their origins and the fact Genisis is a trading brand made up of quality machines from quality sources. 





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